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Yes, You Can!

Please help UKANDU provide hope, joy, and connection for families impacted by childhood and adolescent cancer

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

All UKANDU programming is 100% free to all campers and families. The cost of sending one child to UKANDU's flagship program, Camp UKANDU, is $1,500. With an annual donation of $1,500 you will join our Hope and Joy Society ensuring kids can experience the hope and joy of UKANDU programming.

In a world that is more isolated than ever, families battling childhood cancer need our help. When a family is diagnosed with cancer, patients, siblings, and parents lose the support structures they had come to rely on, at a time when they need it most. Through shared life experiences, UKANDU offers a new community and builds connections that help the entire family navigate this incredibly scary journey. We help our families find hope and joy despite their challenges and support each other in the darkest moments.

In the wake of this global pandemic, UKANDU quickly pivoted to virtual programming. Embodying that "you can do!" spirit, our staff and volunteers successfully delivered new opportunities to our families, reminiscent of the programming we have provided for more than three decades. And while we wish we could make it so that COVID never happened, we found that we have reached even more families - not just in the Pacific Northwest but throughout the country.

Your support will help us continue this effort and remain strong as we prepare for a time when we can safely gather again.